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Charo Pita

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Charo Pita is an actress, singer, storyteller and writer. She studied Spanih philology and theatre with professors such as Mercedes Díaz Chópite, Theodor Smeu Stermin, Alberte Cabarco and Carlos Álvarez-Osorio; singing with Bruno Boterf and Laura Alonso; medieval percussion with Bruno Caillat, and bodily expression and stage direction with Borja Cortés.

Since 1994, she works as a storyteller, performing at the most important festivals in Spain and Portugal, and teaching new storytellers at workshops. As a narrator, she specializes in the creation of shows combining stories and music. In addition, Charo Pita is also active in the field of theatre performing and directing, and she has published several articles and books of stories.

Apart from that, she is a member of the Malandança group, where she is not only a narrator but also a singer, and with them she has recorded Unha noite na corte do rei Afonso, performing Cantigas de Santa María.

  • Schedule

  • 31 / 3 / 2010
    As ollofábulas
    Biblioteca González Garcés, A Coruña
  • 14 / 4 / 2010
    As ollofábulas
    CEIP Quintela, Moaña
  • 20 / 5 / 2010
    As ollofábulas
    CEIP San Sadurniñoa
  • 29 / 7 / 2010
    As Ollofábulas
    Concello de Muros
  • 4 / 12 / 2010
    Baixo a sombra do conto
    Concello de A Baña
  • 16 / 6 / 2011
    Charo Pita e Tim Bowley
    CPI Camiño de Santiago, O Pino
  • 21 / 12 / 2011
    Menú de contos
    Concello de Mesía
  • 27 / 12 / 2011
    Charo Pita and Tim Bowley
    Concello A Baña

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