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Mala Herba

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Mala Herba is an instrumental ensemble made up by Sergio Cobos (accordion), Xacobe Lamas (fiddle) and Cayetano Amenábar (hurdy-gurdy) which performs traditional tunes and dance forms from different styles and origins, from tangos to mazurkas, waltzes, pasodobres, muiñeiras, traditional Galician tunes and pieces composed by themselves in an effort to create a magical and evocative atmosphere.

The members of Mala Herba have a deep background in the field of classical and traditional music, as well as an extensive expertise on stage; since their first public performance in the Toural square, in Compostela, on the Music Day 2002, they have played at numerous venues in Galicia and the North of Portugal.

Their concerts offer music to listen or to dance to, either in an intimate setting in a small space or in larger locales or even outdoors. A show with world music played live for all kinds of audiences, suitable for folk or roots music festivals, educational concerts or shows for schoolchildren or music school pupils.


Xacobe Lamas with violin


  • Sergio Cobos
    Xacobe Lamas
    Cayetano Amenábar

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