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About us

Sirgo Torcendo is a company devoted to looking for effective and innovative solutions in the field of cultural management which offers a personal approach, tailored to the specific needs of each client.

A commitment with culture, both or own and the others, and the embracing of innovation and quality are the goals which inspire our management.

  • Services:
  • Concept, design and implementation of all kinds of cultural projects.
  • Management services regarding the hiring of artists in the fields of music, illustration and theatre.
  • Private managing services for artists: advice for the development of an artistic concept, production of leaflets and promotional material, website design for artists, hiring, management of tours and concerts, travel management, logistics, design and photography for websites and promotional elements.
  • Services related to the production and organization of shows and events.
  • Advice in the organization and production of cultural festivals and programmes.
  • Advice in the organization of all kinds of educational musical activities for musea, community centres or schools.
  • Exhibition concept development: idea and contents, technical design, production and set-up.

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