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Festival In Spiritum

Music and Contemplation in the city of Oporto

The First International Festival IN SPIRITUM: Music and Contemplation in the City of Oporto aims to highlight the magnificent and world-renowned historic and artistic heritage of Oporto through the universal language of music.

To take on a special relevance, in this context, are the city sites that are historically acclaimed and naturally or artistically suited for contemplation and spiritual release.Rather than concentrating on music of a religious nature, the present festival offers to a broad, cosmopolitan audience a wide range of possibilities in expression and aesthetic appreciation, always aiming to enable both contactand introspection, within a framework that breaks new ground in its capacity to foster a unique artistic experience, collective but also personal and exclusive.

The program, consisting of six concerts, seeks to congregate some of the most renowned and exciting performers in the world scene, highlighting a repertoire that is broad, diverse, and unencumbered by artificially constituted artistic boundaries, but not without drawing proper attention to the exceptional music-historical patrimony that flourished in the Unvanquished City, to the city’s unsurpassed organic patrimony, its artists, its intrinsic essence, its universal spirit.

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