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Organs of Galicia project

Galician Government, Department of Culture, Directorate-General for Heritage, ongoing

A multidisciplinary project, pioneering in Galicia, for the cataloguing of the organs still extant the Galician territory, a part of our historical heritage which had not received the attention it deserved. The determination of the number of existing organs, their assessment, the scientific description of their state of preservation, from their cases to the actual instruments, and their critical cataloguing are the most salient features of this project, which also includes the taking of pictures and the recording of the sound of the different instruments.

Detail of the organ at de University Chruch in Santiago

Detail of an organ

Detail of an organ

  • Organized by
    Consellería de Cultura, Xunta de Galicia
    Idea and develope
    Sirgo Torcendo

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