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From 21th june to 18th december - Cidade da Cultura

Contemporary music, humor and gastronomy. This is the unique, attractive offer in the Contemporary Atlantic Workshop proposed for the City of Culture as a part of the programming for the Galician Year of Music 2011.

The Evenings at the Contemporary Atlantic Workshop base their main argument on the magic of evening twilight, celebrated in traditional Galician culture with participative fêtes organized by the neighbors in villages and hamlets who get together to play music, dance and eat on dates when there are no official celebrations or religious festivals.

By revisiting this anthropological argument, the Contemporary Atlantic Workshop proposes that we approach two worlds seemingly far removed from one another, assisting us in reaching contemporary music in a festive, enjoyable way, through the basic elements of folk celebrations held in Galicia in the evening.

This proposal by the TAC includes five concert in a very unconventional, surprising format.

Actors Quico Cadaval and Carlos Blanco, together with the musician Julián Hernández (Siniestro Total), on a humorous note, introduce Galician musicians: internationally renowned guest soloists and conductors who take part in the program. These activities are supplemented by a didactic workshop for boys and girls aged 5 to 15 years old, during the second day of the Evenings at the Contemporary Atlantic Workshop.

And to give more flavor to the Evenings at the Contemporary Atlantic Workshop, representatives of Galicia's nouvelle cuisine are to season this exceptional program with the tapas they will serve at the end of each concert, inspired by the elements in the musical program.

Thus, avant-gardism and tradition act as the leitmotif of an extraordinary project in which the contemporary spaces and architecture of the City of Culture blend with cuisine, the music and the folk elements of Galicia's traditional festiveness.

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